Since our inception in 1986, we have been in the forefront managing one of the most prominent

bands and songwriters in Indonesia. As we evolved throughout the years, we and our affiliates

provide services in Artist Management, Label Services, Creative Development and Publishing.


Our vision is to be a leading solution provider for performing artists,
and a solution for brands and companies in reaching their business and marketing goals,
through developing creative and innovative marketing communication strategy
in an ever-changing landscape.

Our Mission

Become an established artist management in the Indonesia's digital production industry
Research the market and differentiate from competitors through innovation
Create and grow a loyal fans base
Establish trust and credibility

Our Vision

YWMF Artist Management recognizes the difficulties facing talented artists at any stage of their career. Our goal is to work with our acts to develop a strategy for success, one that takes into account where they have been, but even more importantly, where they want to go next. It goes without saying that the primary ingredient for success is talent. But even the most gifted performers can face seemingly insurmountable obstacles without an experienced, creative management team in their corner, helping to guide their artistic endeavors through a constantly changing music industry.

Awards and Mentions


Interior Agency of the Year

Best Interior Design Solution

Multicultural Agency of the Year


Best Industrial Object Design

Creative Landscape Composition


Agency of the Year

Best Digital Solution

Production Company of the Year

Design Agency of the Year


Creative Landscape Composition

Best Interior Design Solution

Multicultural Agency of the Year

Our Clients