Mario Ginanjar

Born from a family of artists, Mario Ginanjar’s has always been surrounded by art and music. He started singing and dancing from an early age, making his talent visible to his family and people close to him, they became his first audience. Mario built his reputation as a singer through various events and festivals, he joined KAHITNA in 2002. As a soloist, Mario Ginanjar has a totally different personality. He explores his artistic versatility through his solo projects, which includes modeling, dancing and songwriting. With six singles and an album released, he showcases his talent and character in diverse ways.

“Terkadang ku rindu tapi kau tak pernah tahu…”

Elma Dae

Having been influenced by various musical genres since she was young, Elma Dae honed her talents through vocal coaching, choir performing and cheerleading in her youth. She officially released her debut single “Bertahan Hati” performed with Christie and produced by Yovie Widianto in 2022. The song, meaning “Hold On Heart” in English, has achieved more than a million streams on Spotify and more than a million views on Youtube.

“Masih cinta, hatimu tak sama… Masih sayang, kau tak lagi sayang…”